5 Water Bottle Magliner
Model: 128-HM-5WB-1060

£500.58 (inc. VAT)
5 Water Bottle Magliner
Model: 128-HM-5WB-1060

Our upright Water Bottle Magliner Hand Truck have self-storing (folding) trays. This permits you to use the truck for case goods, coolers and combinations of bottles and case goods.
This hand truck model is suitable for up to five 20litre water bottles thanks to the double bottom tray.

The hand truck has a square loop handle with a comfortable foam grip (No. 28) and deep magnesium nose (HM). The Magliner can be supplied with standard pneumatic or puncture proof (foam filled) wheels. We also recommend the the optional curb & stair-climbing skids.

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Technical Specifications

Overall width: 460mm
Overall height: 1270mm
Toe plate: 355 x 305mm
Capacity: 225kg

All the Magliner hand trucks can be fitted with attachments and accessories including stairclimbing sliders, load securing straps, canvas bags etc. To add these to the order, please visit the Attachments and Accessories Section after you have selected your hand truck.

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MPN 128-HM-5WB-1060
Brand Magliner
Weight 15kg