MAGLINER HAND TRUCKS DIRECT is a division of Lomart Ltd.

We are a materials handling equipment company specialising in the supply of light weight aluminium hand trucks and trolleys to the delivery industry and for warehouses and storage areas.

We also stock a range of pallet trucks, stackers, scissor tables and a selection of other materials handling equipment such as hydraulic and mechanical jacks, industrial shifting skates and various chain hoists. If you need to lift, lower or move something - we have the machine for you. For more information, please visit our parent website:

For a large and diverse range of pallet trucks 

We are located in North London, but supply all of UK & Ireland and we welcome export enquiries.

More About Magliners...

Magliner hand trucks and other products are all lightweight and strong. This combination promotes driver retention and reduces workers' compensation costs. Magliner products are ergonomically designed to reduce injury, fatigue and muscle strain. They are of a modular design, so you can select the required parts and we will assemble the truck for your. This always gives you the best suited hand truck for your application  It is also very easy to fit replacement parts or upgrade your existing hand truck.

The Magliner brand offers you:

Value - Since 1947, Magline, INC. has been committed to giving their customers the best products, the best solutions and service, all at the best price.

Quality - By consistently delivering the highest quality products and solutions, Magliner has become the most trusted name in route distribution.

People - Customers depend on the Magliner team’s knowledge, experience and personal service to help them be even more successful.

Innovation - Focus on new ideas and innovation has always differentiated Magliner and they continue to create better ways to move their customers’ business.

Flexibility - Magline, INC. offers the broadest selection of solutions designed to meet the unique needs of their customers.

Service - Magline, INC. is committed to responding their customers’ needs quickly, effectively, and enthusiastically.