Backstage Magliner Basic Senior Cart

£870.00 (inc. VAT)
Backstage Magliner Basic Senior Cart
The Backstage Magliner Basic Senior Cart design consists of one top shelf and standard castor wheels.

The ergonomically designed Backstage Magliner Cart is strong, lightweight and easy to use. This model allows you to use the Magliner Gemini Sr, either as a sack truck, or as a four wheeled platform trolley with a top shelf. The lower frame can act as a shelf, but is not filled, so only larger and rigid items can be carried here.

This model is very popular in hospitals, photographic and audio industries etc. The "Backstage Magliner Basic Sr Cart" can still be folded to allow for easy transportation by air or otherwise. The shelf is covered with a carpet.

Standard execution includes:
  • 466/MAG/GEM/SR - Magliner Gemini Senior Hand Truck (UM 1060)
  • 482/BS/MAG-NHD30 - MAG-N HD30 Mag
    30" HD Nose
  • 482/BS/MAG-CASR - MAG-CA SR Mag Sr.
    24" Top Shelf
  • Top Shelf Safety Lock
  • Castor Brakes
Capacity on Top Shelf: 90kg
Capacity on Bottom Frame: 225kg
Shelf dimensions (DxWxH): 1343 x 616 x 57mm
Shelf internal dimensions: 1250 x 610 x 25mm
Fixed toe size: 455 x 190mm
Folding toe size: 305 x 750mm
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