Delivery Driver's Folding Magliner
Model: FTA19-K2-1010-C5

Product code: FTA19-K2-1010-C5
£470.28 (inc. VAT)
Delivery Driver's Folding Magliner
Model: FTA19-K2-1010-C5

This two-wheel Folding Magliner Hand Truck is supplied with a locking folding, large-sized, toe plate and large puncture proof (No. 1010)  wheels which perform like pneumatic wheels but never go flat. This Magliner is also fitted with C5 Stairclimbers which help to overcome short flights of stairs or kerbs. The stairclimber attachment also adds to the rigidity of the complete Magliner hand truck.

The frame of this Magliner hand truck is fitted with yellow reflective side strips which make early morning and late night deliveries much safer for delivery drivers.

- Reduces hand truck height and depth for quick and convenient storage in the back of a van or boot of vehicle.
- Lightweight aluminium reduces truck weight and provides maximum load capacity for increased productivity and reduces fatigue.
- Heavy duty extrusion rail and cross bars provide extra support and strength

Dimensions (H x W x D): 725 x 530 x 255mm (folded)
1245 x 530 x 485mm (extended)
Toe: 505 x 260mm
Weight: 11.5kg
Capacity: 225kg
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MPN FTA19-K2-1010-C5
Brand Magliner
Product Code FTA19-K2-1010-C5
Weight 13kg