Delivery Driver's Magliner
Model: 216-AM-1060-C5

Product code: 216-AM-1060-C5
£295.68 (inc. VAT)
Delivery Driver's Magliner
Model: 216-AM-1060-C5

Heavy Duty Delivery Hand Truck
Capacity: 225kg

This Magliner hand truck is the most popular design used by delivery drivers across the country. The hand truck can be used as a bulk sack barrow or to carry crates, boxes etc. We can also offer many extra features, including a keg hook, different sizes of toes, handles, extension frames etc. Please contact us for other versions of this truck or go to the Design Your Own Magliner section.

The sack truck is supplied with the strongest braced frame (No. 2), Pistol Grip Handles (No. 16), and Magnesium Nose (AM) as standard. If you'd prefer a longer or wider nose, select HM or UM below.

The hand truck has 10" (260mm) pneumatic wheels (No. 1060), but we can also offer puncture proof foam wheels (No. 1010) - see drop down menu below.

The C5 stairclimber attachments come fitted as standard. This is designed to help overcome short flights of stairs or curbs. The stairclimber attachment also adds to the rigidity of the complete Magliner hand truck.

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MPN 216-AM-1060-C5
Brand Magliner
Product Code 216-AM-1060-C5
Weight 12kg