P-shaped Handle Magliner with Curved Back
Model: 515C2-HM-1060

£299.64 (inc. VAT)
P-shaped Handle Magliner with Curved Back
Model: 515C2-HM-1060

This Magliner hand truck is designed for single-handed steering with the P-shaped handle allowing the driver to easily steer the truck. It is extra tall and has a curved back frame which makes it ideal for carrying circular shaped items such as barrels and kegs.

The hand truck is built using the curved back frame (No. 5), tall P-shaped handle (No. 15C) and 10" (260mm) pneumatic wheels (No. 1060), but we can also offer puncture-proof foam wheels (No. 1010) - see drop down menu below. 

Technical specification:

Overall width 510mm
Overall height 1260mm
Toe plate W x D 355 x 304mm
Capacity 225kg
Weight 11kg

All the Magliner hand trucks can be fitted or supplied with attachments and accessories including stairclimbing sliders, load securing straps, canvas bags etc. To add these to the order, plese visit the Attachments and Accessories Section after you have selected your hand truck and added it to the order.

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MPN 515C2-HM-1060
Brand Magliner
Weight 13kg